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About the Awards

The Game Changer Awards competition is aimed at primary and high school students in Western Australia and is designed to showcase ideas, celebrate achievements and reward outstanding work in innovative applications of digital technology while encouraging young people to use digital technology in fun, creative and challenging ways.

Why a competition?

The nature of work is changing. Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. A new generation of technology creators will be required for the work of the future. The purpose of this competition is to inspire and enable young people to build their dreams and creations through an environment that rewards ideas, imagination and a dare-to-try attitude in producing excellent applications of digital technology. Today’s kids and their ideas for today and tomorrow will change the game as we know it. The Game Changer Award is all about creating the next generation of digital makers.

What are the general principles of the competition?

Our competition is be guided by the following:

  • the competition will be theme based e.g environment, health, population, jobs (The theme will be announced by the Game Changer Sub-Committee)
  • there will be several award categories (yet to be determined)
  • teams of students (or individuals) are to complete a project based on the theme
  • each team (or individual) can design a concept, test a theory, or create a solution (or product) that is related to the theme
  • teachers will receive assistance on how to use the program to assist them with their lesson plans, using tools and resources that will encourage students to participate and foster their creativity
  • a Game Changer Award event will be held at the end of the program to showcase ideas, celebrate achievements and reward outstanding work through the awarding of prizes in different categories
  • a panel of judges from the ICT and education sector will award prizes based on predefined criteria.

Ideas to inspire

We accept entries of team-based projects that take advantage of current curriculum outcomes to develop an idea, a prototype or a built product in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics - or a combination thereof).


22 November 2017
Teachers Information Evening
for 2018 Game Changer Awards
John Curtin College of the Arts, Fremantle
4:30pm to 6pm
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