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About Game Changer

Elaine Olsen
Ben Currell
Walter Green
Sue Findlay
Committee Member
Mike Leishman
Committee Member
Donna Edwards
Committee Member
Janine Maitland
Committee Member
Aarti Demello
Committee Member
Gregg Boalch
Committee Member
Jacqui Swingler
Committee Member
Sue Mclennan
Committee Member
Daniel Kasatchkow
Committee Member

About the Organisers

The Game Changer Awards is a program developed by the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance Inc. The Game Changer Award is managed by a WAITTA sub-committee compriosing a group of people with a passion for education and for facilitating spaces that allow ideas to flourish. The members come from diverse backgrounds in innovation, education, engineering, communications, marketing and information technology.

Members are working with educators and schools to create a premier award event for students, With this program, the sub-committee works to ensure that our next generation is ready to create and lead innovation sand take on the ever cghanging nature of technology that affects the world around us.


The Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance Inc. (WAITTA) comprises ICT business leaders and advocates who work together to showcase and recognise the best technology innovations that Western Australia has to offer. WAITTA ensures that innovative applications of technology and outstanding technology solutions are created right here in WA, are recognised though the awarding of prizes and acknowledgements at a premiere award event, the INCITE Awards.

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22 November 2017
Teachers Information Evening
for 2018 Game Changer Awards
John Curtin College of the Arts, Fremantle
4:30pm to 6pm
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